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The POWER of Spoken and Unspoken WORDS
 by Pastor Gil Kaplan


The Power of Spoken and Unspoken Words is a foundational ...
The Power of Spoken and Unspoken Words is a foundational and transformational book. I have shared it with family and friends. We all agree, it is truth, life and a blessing.

-Amazon Customer

Powerful and well worth your time: 
"I was wonderfully surprised by this book. It covers so much so concisely - thorough and easily understood but not lacking in depth. Totally Scriptural and his resources are well recorded and varied. No matter how old we are or how much we know this book certainly guides us into fresh understanding of God's love and of ourselves. A book to pray through as we read and a marvelous one to return to often."

- SG Read on Amazon

"Pastor Gil Kaplan shines light and insight on an important subject frequently overlooked in our society, even by believers. What we say and how we say it are the keys to effective communication and harmony. Sensitively written, this book addresses this topic with love as we learn and uncover ways to care for one another by the way we communicate."  

-Walter K  READ MORE

Practical, Concise, Biblical
"Pastor Kaplan has written an easy read with deep significance for human lives. It is easily understood by adolescents through adults. Words, both spoken and unspoken, are part of every human's life. The short length (113 pages) adds to its value. The book lends itself to casual reading or individual and small group studies . It would be useful for pastors and teachers dealing with the topic of using words appropriately in our lives. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit." serves as a launching pad for the book and our lives."

Yvonne H. -Amazon

"This book is an important teaching at this vital time in history. Most people go selfishly about their own business, without a thought of how their actions and WORDS can affect those around them."


"When I first started listening to Gil's teachings earlier this year, it was such a pivotal moment in my faith walk. I knew undoubtedly the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and was using "The Power of Spoken and Unspoken Words" to enlighten sin that was preventing me from moving forward in my Spiritual walk."

(An Amazon Customer) READ MORE 

"The Power of Spoken and Unspoken Words" is a wonderful work by Pastor Kaplan
"The Power of Spoken and Unspoken Words" is a wonderful work by Pastor Kaplan. He uses a well-rounded variety of methods to portray the impact of our words on those, not only in our immediate sphere of influence but those in extended areas who reap from that impact. (Both positively or negatively) This topic will probably never be exhausted as a self-evaluative tool; however, Kaplan's well-constructed book gives a great foundation for everyone wishing to consider the impact of their own words. "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue...." Choose Life!

- Fern M Read on Amazon

Beautifully Written !!!!!!!!
"This book is very well written. Deeply rooted in God's word. This is a book I wish I read years ago. Controlling my tongue and honoring God and edifying others is very important as a follower of Christ. I believe the wisdom in this book if we will take it to heart with strength from the Holy Spirit can change the direction of our lives and maybe others. Christ way is always the Best Way . I will commit to reading this yearly as a refresher to something I struggle with. Thank You Pastor Gil for sharing this beautifully written book. Shalom alaykhim - peace be unto you."

-phxdaniel Read on Amazon

This is a great book. In a way so straight forward using ...​
"This is a great book. In a way so straight forward using a lot of common sense, however many people don't think about these things in everyday life and abuse most principles Pastor Kaplan so beautifully depicted and talked about. I wish everyone would take time to read this book and make a conscious effort to pay close attention to both verbal and non-verbal language in their lives in order to make this world much better place for all of us.​"

-Amazon Customer Read on Amazon

Great tool for teens!
"With 3 teenagers, this book has become a great teaching tool to train them in the importance of when to speak, and when not speak. Effective, Godly communication skills must be taught to the next generation! Thank you Pastor Gil, I was so glad to purchase your book at Passover!"

Bryan P. - Amazon

Excellent, well written
"Very well written, I enjoyed reading the book, well stated"

(An Amazon Customer)


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The POWER of Spoken and Unspoken WORDS (BUY NOW)

By Pastor Gil Kaplan, Founder, Builders of Unity Ministries
Foreword by Dr. Michael Maiden, Pastor-Church for the Nations Ministries

Words are a very powerful force and it's extremely vital that you learn to choose them carefully.How you say something is as important as what you say - maybe even more important. Understanding the power of your words and when to use them effectively helps to minimize regrets and maximize results. Also, just because you can say something doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Understanding the subtle difference between words that help and words that harm can be overshadowed by emotions such as anger, hurt, bitterness and unforgiveness. Therefore, speaking out doesn't always mean it's beneficial. Perhaps most importantly, how you choose to say things is just as important as choosing when to say them - the timing of our words. This can be a real challenge for those of us who tend to speak first, without thinking. I am sure that every one of us has thought, "Why did I just say that?"

The lessons in this book are taken from a practical and a biblical standpoint to use wisdom in knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all. We should all weigh our words and think before we speak. Less talking really can equal better listening, thus opening up the door for better communication. Not only with each other, but it's vital for our relationship with the Lord.

Available now HERE on this website - BUY NOW 
(Book OR CDset $15. each, Book AND CDs together only $25.00)  and Through or Barnes and Noble

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