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Builders of Unity Ministries International, Pastors Gil & Brenda Kaplan welcome you. Uniting and mobilizing the Body of Jesus Christ, Builders of Unity radio broadcast weekdays KXXT AM 1010 -- teaching, equip, inform, connect, unite, join, gather, pray, bilingual resources, books, cds, dvds, biblical topics
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 Mission, Goals & Objectives 

Our Mission Statement 

Our passion is to help build unity among the many-membered Body of Christ. We believe unity is a very powerful witness to the world. "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." Psalm 133:1

One of the main characteristics of every great move of God is a desire to see the church united and moving as one. This is what Jesus prayed for in John 17.

We believe this is a time when the Lord is calling His church to reach across cultural lines to other ethnic groups of people bringing diversity together in unity.

We focus on what connects and unites our cultural diversity, recognizing that it is precisely the uniqueness of every nation, tribe and tongue that brings wholeness to the Body of Christ. Our common mission should overcome our minor differences and unite us rather than cause division.

It must grieve the heart of God (and should grieve us as well) to know that while we have so much in common with other ethnic groups of people who are Christians, we are still strangers to each other in many ways. This should not be so.

"Builders of Unity" is a Christian, non-profit organization that will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or religious creed. Our purpose is to see reformation come in the form of united efforts with faith-based and community-reaching organizations to enhance our communities and the lives of those in need of both spiritual and tangible resources.

Please CLICK HERE for a list of scripture references relating to unity in all of its forms.

Our Goals and Objectives
  • To preach and teach God’s Word and introduce people to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!
  • To encourage, help strengthen, train and equip Christians in their spiritual growth to fulfill their purpose and destiny
  • To teach on various foundational Christian values; and to create educational media resources 
  • To instruct on the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith: including topics such as the Holy feasts of Israel, Messianic prophecies, Jewish symbols, sharing Messiah with Jewish people and overcoming their objections, etc. 
  • To use various means, venues, programs, and opportunities that will facilitate in fulfilling our mission
  • Teaching on Christian and Biblical topics through
    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Publishing
    • Ministry in local churches and abroad
  • Distribution of teachings through CD’s, DVD’s and printed materials
  • Producing Builders of Unity Radio and TV programs
  • Building networking relationships with individuals, Christian churches, ministries and community-based organizations in order to facilitate programs and projects relevant to this ministry’s mission.
Site Mailing List 

Builders of Unity Ministries International
Pastors Gil & Brenda Kaplan, Founders

PO Box 35008, Phoenix, AZ 85069
(623) 444-6146


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